Education and Training Task Force Update

The Education and Training Task Force set forth their final recommendations and received TCMA Board approval on January 29. To review the report, please click Final Report. As a result of the approved recommendations, feedback from the 2015 TCMA Membership Survey, and to fulfill an objective in the TCMA 2015-2016 Strategic Plan (see Strategic Plan), the Board approved the creation of an Emerging Leaders Task Force to further address the needs of the emerging leader demographic.

In order to better evaluate programs and services of those members who fit this demographic, it is important to receive feedback. A survey has been developed targeting those members. All members are invited to take the survey, however questions have been developed for those TCMA members who fit the emerging leader demographic. If you meet this demographic, please take time to complete the survey when it arrives in your email. The TCMA President and the Board appreciate your assistance in this important endeavor.