TCMA Actions in Brief

The TCMA Board and Committees have been working diligently on behalf of the organization.

A brief summary of action items is provided to keep you up-to-date. For complete information, please view the minutes at the links provided. In addition, many of the objectives for the 2014-2016 Strategic Plan have been completed, while others are ongoing, or have become part of the Operational Plan. Please take time to familiarize yourself with each of these plans and learn how your association is working on your behalf. To view both documents, please click here.

Board Actions
To view the latest minutes, please click here.

  1. Approved the 2015-2016 Budget.
  2. Approved updates to Tenet 12 of the Code of Ethics.
  3. Approved $1,400 to develop a second online ethics course.
  4. Approved development of a partnership agreement with Central Texas American Society for Public Administration (Centex ASPA) and Emerging Local Government Leaders (ELGL).
  5. Approved the ICMA Practices for Effective Local Government to be the guidelines for TCMA educational programs.
  6. Approved UMACT to enter the Board rotation for the Assistants’ Representative for 2016-2017.
Advocacy Committee
The Committee has not met.
Ethic Committee
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  1. Conduct a Train the Trainers course on October 23 in Austin.
  2. Continue to develop articles for the monthly Management Messenger.
  3. Publish an annual summary of committee activities in the Management Messenger.
  4. Develop a second online ethics course as approved by the TCMA Board.
Membership Committee
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  1. Research options for an online document sharing portal.
  2. Develop an annual plan to update the salary survey.
  3. Continue writing monthly articles for the Management Messenger.
  4. Approved a one-time increase of $1,000 for each of the five New Professionals Annual Conference Scholarships as provided in the TCMA Budget.
  5. Recommends that the Board approve three additional one-time $1,000 annual scholarships for members with more than five years of service.
  6. Develop training ideas for TCMA Coaches and the Coaching Program.
  7. Continue developing a regional “toolbox” for region presidents.
Nominating Committee
The Committee has not met.
Professional Development Committee
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  1. Develop and confirm the educational programs for the William “King” Cole series, City Management Clinic, and Annual Conference.
  2. Awarded the 2018 TCMA Annual Conference bid to Moody Gardens in the City of Galveston.
Educational and Training Task Force
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  1. Joined ELGL as an organizational member as approved by the Board.
  2. Develop training for emerging leaders.
  3. Develop an emerging leaders presence on the TCMA website.
  4. Discuss training opportunities outside of the emerging leaders’ scope.

If you have questions, please contact TCMA President or Committee Chairs at:
Julie Couch, TCMA President and Educational and Training Task Force Chair at
George Shackelford, Advocacy Committee Chair at
Nick Finan, Ethics Committee Chair at
Paulette Hartman, Membership Committee Chair at
Mike Land, Nominating Committee Chair at
Karen Daly, Professional Development Committee Chair at