2014-2016 Strategic Plan

A Message from the TCMA President

The TCMA Board of Directors met on July 31 to review the Association’s current Strategic Plan and develop its 2014-2016 Strategic Plan. We were all encouraged as we reviewed the association’s history and discussed ideas on how to capitalize on our successes. TCMA is strong, vibrant, and poised to launch an even higher level of service for our profession as we approach our 100th anniversary of service; a short 10 years away. The 2014-2016 Strategic Plan has been developed with the future in mind.  Work has already begun implementing the objectives set forth in the new Strategic Plan.

In addition to the Strategic Plan, the Board felt that an Ongoing Operational Plan should be developed to ensure that ongoing activities are conveyed to future Board of Directors and Regional Presidents for their continued implementation. The Ongoing Operational Plan is intended to be updated annually as Strategic Plan Objectives are completed within a particular Strategic Plan cycle.

Please take time to review the 2014-2016 Strategic Plan and the 2014-2015 Ongoing Operational Plan and be on the lookout for interim progress reports throughout the year.

TCMA President, Mike Land