Call for Volunteers

Volunteers are needed to serve on TCMA committees. Service on committees will begin at the end of the 2016 TCMA Annual Conference and conclude at the end of the 2017 TCMA Annual Conference. The TCMA committees include Advocacy, Ethics, Membership, Nominating, and Professional Development. For current committee lists and a description of the responsibilities, please visit the TCMA website at and click on the “Committees” link.

With the exception of the Nominating Committee, all committees are composed of a chair and vice chair (TCMA Board members appointed by the TCMA president), 10 regional representatives (appointed by their respective TCMA regional presidents), and up to 15 volunteers. The Nominating Committee, by Constitution, is structured as follows:

Article III, Section 6, B: “. . . nominating committee composed of the Immediate Past President who will serve as the committee chair and be the representative from his/her region and one representative from each of the other TCMA regions. All ten (10) members of the committee shall be classified under the ‘Full’ membership category and not more than two (2) committee members shall be Past Presidents. A member of the Nominating Committee cannot be a candidate for a statewide TCMA Board Officer position.”

The TCMA president will make the final determination of committee assignments to ensure statewide representation on each committee.

The deadline to volunteer is April 29.

Please contact Kim Pendergraft at [email protected] or 512-231-7442 if you want to serve or have questions.