Big Hearts

I could not resist writing about the “big hearts” we have in our profession during the heart-filled month of February.  Yes, with Valentine’s Day upon us, we will spend our time on selecting that special, sweet gift as a token of our affection for that somebody special.

But what about our big-hearted colleagues that show a lot of love all year long? Compassion and selfless acts that somehow transforms our organization from just being a group of professionals with similar gifts, talents and abilities into an association that has, at its core, a true love of their profession and their colleagues.  Oh, now don’t be shy… you public servants know who you are and we are so thankful that you so freely give of yourself for the betterment of others.

Have you recently noticed on Facebook a colleague making a plea for a home for a beautiful feline who found its way to the local animal shelter?  She continues to act on behalf of those homeless pets to advocate for their need of a loving family.  Our passion for helping those in need extend to our beloved animals who need and deserve our protection.

When tragedy strikes, it can bring out the very best in people.  A city employee in a neighboring city lost a young son in an accident.  The very next day, that city manager and his wife personally went to visit the grieving mother and her family making sure they understood all the benefits available to them during this difficult time.  This manager simply asked what the family needed and then rallied the entire community to provide the family with lawn maintenance, food, household supplies and continued to check on them and support them through the grieving process.

I know that many of us in the profession have reached out to those communities that experienced loss and damage during the recent tornadoes in north Texas.  We will continue to show those cities the love we have for them with our encouragement and support as they rebuild and restore their communities.

At the heart of our profession are some very kind, loving people who care deeply about each other.  This is why TCMA membership is essential in maintaining our emotional health and well-being.  TCMA members passionately care for each other and oh yes, being surrounded by those incredibly “big hearts” gets us through the tough times.

(Article submitted by Joni Clarke, City Manager, Lucas. If you have interesting news or helpful topics to share, please submit them to Kim Pendergraft at [email protected]. Please keep the information to fewer than 300 words.)