TCMA Special Election

Prior to the recent TCMA conference, the TCMA Board was notified that the president-elect had resigned her position and would be unable to proceed and fulfill the position of president. The TCMA constitution states that the incoming president- elect take the position of president, leaving the position of 2016-2017 president-elect vacant. The constitution further states that a special election is to be held to fill the position of President-Elect following the same procedures as outlined for a regular election (Article III, Section 4, A, F, and Section 6).

The TCMA Nominating Committee will oversee the Special Election and are requesting nominations for those seeking to serve.

As you think about candidates for this statewide TCMA Board position, we encourage you to consider the following factors: active involvement in TCMA, active involvement in the TCMA region, years of municipal government service, TCMA committee service, desire to serve, level of regional support, and prior TCMA Board service. The committee will consider each person’s candidacy in light of the current composition of the Board and will strive to achieve a balance among such factors as geography, size of city, ethnicity, and gender.

A sample petition and special election schedule is available at 2016 Special Election.