Updates to the TCMA Code of Ethics

At the January 25 TCMA Board meeting, the Board approved to adopt the ICMA updates to Tenet 4 and Tenet 4 Guidelines of the Code of Ethics. The updates also include a change to Tenet 3 Guidelines. The updates are posted below and the complete copy of the TCMA Code of Ethics is available at TCMA Code of Ethics.

Tenet 4 will now read: Serve the best interests of the people.
Updated Guidelines:
Impacts of Decisions. Members should inform their governing body of the anticipated effects of a decision on people in their jurisdictions, especially if specific groups may be disproportionately harmed or helped.

Inclusion. To ensure that all the people within their jurisdiction have the ability to actively engage with their local government, members should strive to eliminate barriers to public involvement in decisions, programs, and services.

Tenet 3 Guidelines have been updated to include new language of an original Tenet 4.

Length of Service. For chief administrative/executive officers appointed by a governing body or elected official, a minimum of two years is considered necessary to render a professional service to the local government. In limited circumstances, it may be in the best interests of the local government and the member to separate before serving two years. Some examples include refusal of the appointing authority to honor commitments concerning conditions of employment, a vote of no confidence in the member, or significant personal issues. It is the responsibility of an applicant for a position to understand conditions of employment, including expectations of service. Not understanding the terms of employment prior to accepting does not justify premature separation. For all members, a short tenure should be the exception rather than a recurring experience, and members are expected to honor all conditions of employment with the organization.

Additional Ethics News

The TCMA Ethics Committee recently initiated a new way to ask questions and submit complaints. In addition, it’s important to use personal emails to avoid potential public request. To submit questions or file a complaint, please send to tcmaethics.org.