TCMA Statewide Offices

The election process for 2018-2019 statewide offices for President-Elect, Vice President, and TML Board Representative will begin later this month. A formal announcement will be sent by email to the membership.

At the June 2017 business meeting in Austin, the membership approved changes to the TCMA Constitution. These changes include voting by electronic ballot and shortening the nomination and election process from 60 days to 45 days (Article III. Officers, Section 2 and Election of Officers and Article III. Officers, Section 6. Nominations & Elections).

As you think about candidates for these statewide positions, we encourage you to consider the following factors: active involvement in TCMA, number of years in municipal government service, involvement in committee service, desire to serve, level of regional support, and prior TCMA board service. The nominating committee will consider each candidate and will strive to achieve a balance with geography, city size, ethnicity, and gender.

TCMA Regional Board Representatives
The terms for board representatives from TCMA regions bearing even-numbered designations will end at the TCMA Annual Conference in Austin on June 24, 2018. Each of these regions is responsible for the election of its representative in accordance with the TCMA Constitution (Article III, Section 2B).

The name of the new Regional Board Representative shall be submitted to the TCMA president no later than January 31.