TCMA President Message

Hurricane Harvey
Our thoughts and prayers are with our members, their families, friends, and communities impacted by Hurricane Harvey.  As devastating as this tragedy has been, the response from emergency operations staff; rescue crews; city, county, state, and federal employees; the military; and citizen samaritans has been overwhelming. Texans are showing the true character of Americans and what it means to be a Texan.

TCMA is aware that many of our communities are in need.  Our TCMA manager Kim Pendergraft has been compiling a list of current and retired city managers who have expressed an interest in lending assistance to those city leaders either in the emergency phase or recovery phase of the disaster.  Should you need help figuring things out or just need a friendly voice, please do not hesitate to reach out to Kim.  Her contact information is 512-231-7442 or

For Gulf Coast city managers who have been impacted by the hurricane, TCMA would like to assist. You can record your needs at the following link: Gulf Coast City Managers.

For those city managers across the state who would like provide resources and retired city managers who would like to be on a call list to assist, please record your information at the following link:
City Manager Assistance.

Membership Directory Update
TCMA leadership recently approved an updated version of the online membership directory to make it mobile friendly.  Instructions on how to create a shortcut on your mobile device are available in this issue of the newsletter in the section titled “TCMA Directory” or you can access the directory from this link:  We often get requests for mobile phone contact information. We have intentionally not added a field for mobile phones since the directory is searchable by anyone on the web.  I hope this new format will help all of us keep in contact with each other, let alone put faces with names.

Other News of Interest
The Pay it Forward Task Force met with the marketing firm of Sosa & Sosa on Thursday, August 24, in Austin. We discussed ways to promote our profession and local government.  We plan to meet again at the TML Annual Conference.

Your TCMA Board of Directors met on Friday, August 25, in Austin.  President-Elect and Professional Development Chair Chris Coffman reported that planning took place in early August for the William “King” Cole workshops, the City Management Clinic, and the 2018 Annual Conference in Galveston.  I don’t want to let the cat out the bag, but y’all are going to love it.  Make sure to put a “save the date” on your calendars for the Annual Conference on June 21-24, 2018.

Words of Encouragement
As we move from disaster emergency phase to recovery phase, please know that your TCMA colleagues are willing and able to lend a hand.  Just ask.  It’s during times like these when we realize that being a city manager is a noble calling.  I am proud to call you all colleagues.  Thank you for all you do to make your community great!

Thank you for your service, especially in times such as these,
David Harris, TCMA President and City Manager, Balcones Heights