TCMA Introduces a New Advanced Online Ethics Course

The TCMA Ethics Committee is excited to release a new advanced online course titled Ethics 201. The course addresses Tenets 1-6 of the TCMA Code of Ethics. It includes visuals, audio, and case studies. The Committee is currently developing Ethics 202 which will address Tenets 7-12. Completion of the online Ethics 101 course or the William “King” Cole 1 will continue to be a requirement for those applying for new membership.

The TCMA regions are to be commended. Many of the Certified Ethics Trainers have been offering the required ethics training for current members to maintain their TCMA membership. If your region would like to offer ethics training, a list of trainers in your region or a region near you is available at Certified Ethics Trainer.

Ethics 101 (New member requirement and/or Full or Associate members for the fulfillment of the required two hours every two years ethics training.)

Ethics 201 (Full or Associate members only for the fulfillment of the required two-hours every two years ethics training.)

If you have questions regarding the ethics requirement or about Certified Ethics Trainers, please contact Ethics Chair Nick Finan at or Ethics Vice Chair Valerie Bradley at