President’s Message

It is an honor to serve as the 2018-2019 president of Texas City Management Association.  I follow a long line of successful and productive past presidents and look forward to a great year of achievements.  Some of you may have heard my story of how a professor at the university I attended was instrumental in the appointment of my first city management position.  I believe this type of relationship is fundamental to the continued success of Texas city managers, and we need to re-cultivate this building block to serve our future city managers.

To address this goal, I want to lead the Board to move forward and implement the programs that have been developed by the City Managers of Tomorrow Task Force.  I also look forward to TCMA working closer with the city manager assistants groups and the Engaging Local Government Leaders to provide statewide internships (both paid and unpaid) for service in cities.

Another goal I hope to accomplish this year is the completion and implementation of the Pay it Forward Campaign started by Immediate Past President David Harris.  This campaign educates elected officials that members of TCMA are professionally trained and ethical managers and it benefits cities to hire professional managers.

An additional objective of the Pay It Forward Campaign is to refresh the TCMA website and continue to use the TCMA logo to brand the Association. The new website will showcase TMCA and provide resources to the membership.

The Board is already busy working to complete and implement these projects. The Board will also conduct its bi-annual strategic planning meeting to review and develop additional goals and objectives to better serve the TCMA membership.

TCMA is a great association because of fantastic members like you.  I want to personally thank each of you for your continued membership and ethical service to our profession.  If I may be of service to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Warmest regards,

Chris Coffman
(817) 573-1114