President Message

From Governing to Governance

Governing and governance can be used as terms with general meanings referring to governing and governance of different phenomena but for this perspective the terms are used in political and administrative contexts. Governance can be considered the art and practice of running a government, however in regards to city management, is it an art or science? The answer is “it depends.”

Thank you for entrusting me as President of the Texas City Management Association (TCMA) for the 2019-2020 tenure. This is an honor of a lifetime. Having worked alongside previous Presidents of the organization I was able to achieve the vision to serve at the pinnacle of the profession in the greatest state in our land, the great state of Texas.

With the advent of a multitude of governmental practices being conducted by city governments, the subject of strategic planning has come to the forefront. In setting my goals for the year I had to reach no further than the TCMA 2018-2020 Strategic Plan as approved by our members. Those main goals are:

•    Showcase and enhance the value of professional development, resources and networking opportunities available to TCMA members.
•    Intentionally recruit, develop and retain young professionals, women, African-Americans, Hispanic and other underrepresented populations.
•    Promote awareness of the professional development and personal growth opportunities available through local government careers in rural and large cities.
•    Advocate the value of decisions being made at the local level and the Council/Manager form of government through ethical and professional city management.

The Strategic Plan identifies programs, initiatives, and projects that will be carried out by the Professional Development, Membership, City Manager of Tomorrow, and Advocacy committees to carry out these goals. Likewise, I will carry on the efforts of Past-President Chris Coffman who created the Equity Taskforce in which the board will be able to succeed in efforts to bring awareness to the issues of diversity and inclusion and what they can add to the organization.

We have a fantastic board of dedicated individuals who are off and running in order to complete and implement our goals. Please do not hesitate to use them along with the great staff support provided through our relationship with the Texas Municipal League (TML).

TCMA is a great organization that provides the vehicle to advance and provide the resources needed to promote our profession. A very complicated but rewarding profession, one day needing science for objective problem solving while the next needing artful skill to navigate a subjective conundrum of a political issue. TCMA provides the capital needed to excel in the profession “depending” on the situation.

Please feel free to contact me or TCMA staff at any time for assistance as we work together to ensure the continued success of our organization.


Kenneth Williams
President TCMA